Zeze High School

A message from the Principal

Welcome to Shiga Prefectural Zeze High School, and thank you for visiting our website.

Our History

This school has a long history. In 1898, Shiga Prefectural Daini Jinjo Middle School was founded. It changed its name and location several times until 1956, when it decided upon the name ‘Zeze High School’ and has remained this way until present day. In the Edo period, the location of our school was home to people known as ‘Jungi-Do’, a clan school. This heritage lives on in our school motto: ‘Jungi-Ryokko’.

The key to every students’ success

‘Jungi’ means ‘the will to contribute to humanity’s future’. ‘Ryokko’ means ‘the ambition to train your body and mind to become the ideal version of yourself’. Our students take these meanings to heart and take great pride in being part of this school while respecting the values and traditions passed down by their seniors.

Student life

There are 2 different courses of study offered at Zeze High School; the ‘General’ course, and the ‘Science and Mathematics’ course. This results in 27 different classes being taught. All of the 1,080 students currently enrolled belong to either one of these courses. In total, an estimated 40,000 students have successfully graduated from Zeze High School over the years. Our alumni now hold important roles in fields including government, economy, science, culture and education, and so on. As a result of our continued efforts to provide an outstanding education to our students, many of our graduates are accepted into leading universities, solidifying us as one of the most prominent high schools in Japan. One key to our students’ success lies in their involvement in extracurricular activities.

Extracurricular activities

Students are strongly encouraged to participate in extracurricular activities after school. At Zeze High School, students are open to join 37 various clubs, each of which are classified as General affairs, Broadcasting, Sports Teams or Cultural. Almost all students belong to one of these clubs and work hard to improve their skills and achieve their goals. Due to their ongoing diligence, many students have participated in National tournaments and set remarkable records. In 2019 for example, our school took part in the inter-high school yacht competition and won first place out of all the high schools in Japan.  Students also take great pride in organizing many school events such as their annual school festival called ‘Kofusai’. Our students’ effort in their studies and extracurricular activities leads to quite an exciting school life.

Super Science High School (SSH)

Since 2006, Zeze High School has been registered as a Super Science High School (SSH) by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology. In addition to this, our students take part in the ‘fostering of science and technology personnel project’. In 2021, this lead to our school being recognized as part of the Science and technology human resource development priority project: a school whose graduates contribute significantly to the improvement and development of the field of technology. Among the schools recognized as SSH in Japan, Zeze High School’s accomplishments are highly valued.
Zeze High School strives to produce inquisitive and global minded people. To facilitate this, we encourage our students to enroll in various culturally enriching programs. For example, our school has established relations with Kyoto University and Shiga University of Medical Science to provide our students with the opportunity to attend lectures taught by the professors of these institutions. Furthermore, some students take part in Science-English courses, the International Chemistry Olympiad and even have hands-on training in the U.K.

We continue to educate our students to the highest degree to set them on the path to become intellectual individuals with the capacity to tackle the difficult, overarching problems which exist in contemporary society. We aim to support them in reaching their goals and creating a better future, while encouraging them to be open minded to try new things voluntarily and to aim for innovation in the field they wish to pursue. 

Hiroshi TOMIE
Principal of Zeze High School
(English translation: Yurika WATAI)

School Events

  • Entrance ceremony
  • Welcome ceremony for freshman (initial meeting)
  • Farewell ceremony for transferring staff
  • Orientation for freshman
  • Student council orientation
  • Field trip
  • Mid-term examinations
  • Spring Inter-High School Championships・High School Comprehensive Cultural Festival of Shiga
  • Teaching practice
  • Lecture of human rights
  • End-term examinations
  • Kofusai (School festival: Cultural festival & Sports festival )
  • Science camp
  • Open Zeze High (Trial admission)
  • Fine arts appreciation
  • Student council officer election
  • Field trip
  • Mid-term examinations
  • Fall Inter-High School Championships・High School Comprehensive Cultural Festival of Shiga
  • Lecture of human rights
  • End-term examinations
  • School trip
  • Chorus contest
  • Lecture of human rights
  • Final research conference
  • SSH final research conference
  • Year-end examinations
  • Graduation ceremony
  • Training in the U.K.
  • Sports events

Club Activities

  • Student council
  • Cheering party club
  • Broadcasting club
  • Newspaper club
Sports Club
  • Baseball club
  • Soccer club
  • Track and Field club
  • Rugby club
  • Rowing club
  • Sailing club
  • Gymnastics club
  • Kendo club
  • Judo club
  • Table tennis club
  • Men’s soft tennis club
  • Women’s soft tennis club
  • Karate club
  • Men’s tennis club
  • Women’s tennis club
  • Men’s badminton club
  • Women’s badminton club
  • Men’s basketball club
  • Women’s basketball club
  • Men’s volleyball club
  • Women’s volleyball club
  • Mountaineering club
  • Swimming club
  • Equestrian club
Culture Club
  • Brass band club
  • ESS
  • Chorus club
  • Light music club
  • Guitar club
  • Chemistry club
  • Photo club
  • Calligraphy club
  • Biology club
  • Drama club
  • Karuta club
  • Art club
  • Physics and Earth science club
  • Literature club
  • Debate club
  • Home economics club
  • Flower arrangement club
  • Tea ceremony club

Address & Contact

2-11-1 Zeze,Otsu,Shiga,520-0815,Japan





By public transportation


15 minutes’ walk after getting off at Zeze Station. (JR-A28)

Keihan Electric Railway Ishiyama-Sakamoto Line

2 minutes’ walk after getting off at Zeze-Hommachi Station. (OT 07)

If you use your own car

Kogan Road

From Kogan Road in the direction of Hamaotsu, turn right at the Honmaru-cho intersection. 300m

Meishin Expressway

Meishin Expressway, get off at Otsu IC.
Turn left at the Otsu IC-guchi intersection. 500m
Turn left at the Motomiya 2 chome-minami intersection.
Turn right at the Uchidehama intersection.
Follow the Kogan Road.